I feel so honored that you took the time to check my site out!!!My name is Kodili, I am a certified Nutrition coach, personal trainer and Holistic wellness coach.

I started this blog as a way to share all my passions and to create a community of like-minded people like myself. My number one passion is helping busy women and men kick-start a healthier lifestyle. In this busy day and age, our health is often neglected when it should be priority. This blog is my avenue to coach, mentor and share all my wellness tips, healthy yummy recipes, occasional fitness challenges and so much more! I believe that you need balance in all things which is what I am all about. I want to show women and men alike that eating healthy and living a healthy life starts from changing ONE HABIT AT A TIME. I struggled for over five years to figure out how to making healthy eating a lifestyle and I can attest to the challenges that come with it which is why I started greenbodi. A holistic and personalized approach to nutrition coaching.

Two years ago, I started a health and wellness business with a company who’s values, philosophies, mission and purpose aligned so clearly with mine and was truly the catalyst to my transformation. My company’s mission is to empower people to flourish through sustainable healthy living. We do this through our product philosophy which embraces the connection between a healthier┬ámind,stronger body,and more beautiful skin. Our values are sustainability, empowerment and transparency. We believe everyone can flourish by being kind to themselves and the planet. I am so proud to be aligned with such a company. If you’re interested in knowing more click this link: